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Trendsetters in the Real Estate Market


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Trendsetters in the Real Estate Market
Help-U-Sell North High Realty in Columbus gives insight on the latest trends in the industry

Columbus, OH (Grassroots Newswire) November 28, 2006 -- When putting your property on the market, it is important to stay abreast of real estate trends that are taking place in the country, according to Vito Boscaino of Help-U-Sell North High Realty of Columbus the country’s leading fee-for-service real estate company. He offers several current trendsetters that property owners should keep in mind when trying to sell a house.

“First of all, the homebuyers of the 21st century are setting new standards for the way Realtors do business,” said Boscaino. “Young Americans that make up Generations X and Y are purchasing homes in ways that would never be dreamed of 50, even 20, years ago.”

Recent studies from the U.S. Census and the National Association of Realtors (NAR) show that Generation X and Y households account for 55 percent of all home purchases. And, about 64 percent of them intend on buying a home in the next two years.

These homebuyers are the fastest trendsetters, having a desire for greater space and more sophisticated amenities such as automated lighting controls, built-in security systems, pools, home offices, libraries, gyms, sound systems and even home theaters. Other studies indicate that they prefer a four or more bedroom home and want a home 50 percent larger than their current residence.

“Bigger and better seems to be their motto -- and, this is good news for consumers,” Boscaino said. “As these homebuyers enter the real estate market as first-time buyers, they will look for homes in the higher price ranges. That will be a vital factor in keeping markets strong around the country.”

On the same note, second-time homebuyers, mostly the baby boomers, are also setting trends in the industry. Baby boomers have a higher rate of homeownership than the national average; one out of four own more than one property. From the very wealthy to the ranks of the economically comfortable, there are 44 million second homes in the country. Baby boomers, who are in peak earning years, are at an age that vacation homes may also double as retirement homes in the future.

Baby boomers are spending more money to have more free time and enjoy a better quality of life. And, they are propelling the second-home market beyond worries of market slow-downs.

A recent NAR survey says 35 percent of investment property owners plan to buy one or more properties in the next two years and one in ten vacation homeowners plan to sell a vacation home in the next two years.

Realtors today have to watch many homeowner statistics to stay on top of their market and one last trend that is gaining in importance is the rise in minority homeownership, particularly Hispanic and Asian homeowners. Many Realtors are now hiring agents who are fluent in multiple languages to meet the needs of their newest and fastest growing customer base.

Recent real estate data shows that the Hispanic and Asian populations have doubled in the past 10 years and tripled since 1970.

“They are changing the face of the American homeowner,” Boscaino said. “Upwardly mobile, entrepreneurial, focused on family, education and faith -- they are the new American homeowners living the American dream.”

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