Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Does Anyone Ever Over-Plan a Move?

Most closings take 30 or more days. Decide if that will give you and your family enough time to focus on the task of moving. It's better to start too soon than too late.

1. Make a Checklist. Itemize all the steps leading up to your move. Make assignments to family members and put the list where everyone can see it and check off their accomplishments!

2. Maintain Your Property. Before you can receive the proceeds from the sale, your home must past the buyer's final walk-through. Be sure to leave the house "broom clean" and the yard in the agreed-to condition. Otherwise, you will be spending your time weeding when you should be packing.

3. Have a Yard Sale. Many people pack up things they don't want because they ran out of time to sort through closets, drawers, sheds and garages. Take it a room at a time. Set aside an area for sale items. And schedule your sale at least one month before your move date.

4. Get Relocation Assistance. If you need to more information about the schools, neighborhoods, or services where you're moving, you can rely on one of our Help-U-Sell® offices to get it for you. Just ask.

5. Move Before You Close. You don't need to wait until your actual close date to move. If you schedule your move a few days early, you won't feel rushed at the end.

Looking for Immediate Help?

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