Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Is this the right time to Sell?

With so much recent real estate activity, home owners across the country are asking the same question. Asking the question is easy. Answering it is harder. But one of the key deciding factors is whether your home has appreciated or increased enough in value to justify selling.

Finding the Market Value of Your Home

Instant Online Comps The easiest way to find out your home's value is to use the Home Value Search tool on our website. Just enter your home address and, in seconds, you'll receive data on three recent home sales near you - free.

Complete Market Comps Your Help-U-Sell broker can prepare a more detailed comparison of recent sales in your area. This, along with his or her analysis and recommendations, should be adequate to helping you decide whether the time is right to sell.

Full Property Appraisal You can contract a professional appraiser to evaluate your home against recent sales in the neighborhood. This is the most accurate way to determine your home's worth. And it may be the only way, especially if your home is greatly different in size or amenities from the homes around it. Your local Help-U-Sell® office can help you find an appraiser.

Looking for a New Home?

If you expect the proceeds from your sale to be substantial, it's more important than ever to have a Real Estate Plan and clear objectives. Do you want or need a larger home? Would you rather use those funds for college tuition? Are you looking to invest? Your Help-U-Sell broker can help you decide your priorities and goals. We're glad to help. Just ask us!

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