Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Putting Your Money Where it Counts . . .

If you're thinking about selling, it's easy to add up all the things you were going to fix and never did. But now isn't the time. Instead look at your house as an investment. Here are 10 ways to improve your return on investment (ROI):

1.Repair, replace and repaint only what you need to.

2.Catch up on deferred maintenance and put the basics in good working order.

3.Patch and paint any cracks or other damage to exterior and interior surfaces.

4.Make sure doors and windows operate smoothly and replace broken glass.

5.Make sure all electrical fixtures work like lighting and ceiling fans.

6.Fix plumbing leaks and faucet drips.

7.Check toilets to make sure they flush properly.

8.Some construction projects offer a better ROI than others, like kitchen and bath remodels or adding a new deck. But resist the temptation to finish building your "dream home."

For more specific ideas for your home, contact a Help-U-Sell® broker today.

Looking for a New Home?

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