Wednesday, December 20, 2006

To FSBO or Not To FSBO

That is the question, at least for an estimated 20%-40% of homeowners. And the reason is universal - no one wants to pay 6% to sell their home. I was once a FSBO. I did it for the same reason and it taught me four invaluable lessons. First, traditional real estate is inefficient which is one reason why the cost is so high. The majority of agents have between zero and two homes listed and are probably only getting a sale once every three to four months, even longer in this market. After expenses, advertising and broker fees, they wouldn’t make any money if they didn’t charge 6%.

Second, most traditional agents have limited means and limited advertising to generate traffic to a home, which ironically is the main reason you hire them. And the MLS is not advertising. It’s a database, albeit a very useful one, but it is not advertising.

Third, signs sell homes. The small direction signs that say "for sale" and "open house" get people to your home. Why? Two reasons. One, people are attracted by neighborhoods and if they are in a neighborhood they like, will be attracted to homes in that neighborhood. And two, people like to shop.

Consumers want to know what they can get for their money and are willing to take the time to shop around. They want to see all the opportunities before making a decision. Put the two together and signs sell homes.

The final and most important reason is there is too much at stake both personally and financially to not have professional consultancy. One mistake in pricing or a contract item could cost you thousands and possibly much more than you saved by going it alone.

So how do you get expert, professional assistance, the best advertising and still save money on the sale of your home? The answer is Help-U-Sell. We provide complete real estate services for a low set fee paid at closing which saves our buyers and sellers thousands. We have an exclusive relationship with, the number one real estate website, so all of our homes are "enhanced" which means they are viewed, on average, 300% more than other listings. We also produce our own newspaper, the Real Estate News, which contains informative articles as well as showcase advertising for all our homes. And, we provide all your signs!

(Article courtesy of Chris Ognek, Owner, Help-U-Sell Olde Dominion

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