Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Interest Rate Trends in Ohio Remain Favorable

Well the Holidays are now behind us, and we have begun to see an increase in Listing inquiries from Sellers and almost an equal number of inquiries from Buyers. The interesting aspect of the Buyer activity is that it is direct (i.e., Buyers not represented by an agent), which is great for our Listing clients as it provides them with the opportunity to potentially sell their homes while paying a low-set fee with no co-op commission to be paid. This positions them to capture the maximum level of savings versus a standard 6% commission that a traditional agent would generally charge. Our Buyer leads appear to be generated equally across three channels: Yard signs; internet and newspaper advertising.

We can also see in the chart above that interest rates, though having risen slightly over the last two weeks, still remain favorable when viewed over the longer historical term. This positions Buyers to have the best of both worlds: plenty of inventory to choose from with affordable financing terms still available.

As we look towards the end of January and the end of our first full twelve months of operation, we are proud of our great success in our first year. Our transaction base was almost equally split between Sell side and Buy side transactions. We delivered over $100,000 in savings to our clients while providing complete transaction support to all of our clients. As we begin 2007, we look forward to working hard to achieve our goal of driving a 200% increase in transactions over 2006. As the market conditions have weakened and sellers have had more difficulty in selling their homes, our marketing system becomes even more valuable for those homeowners who are even more sensitive about protecting their shrinking equity. Clients truly appreciate being represented by a real estate marketing company that knows how to reach out to the buyer community regardless of where they start looking for a home, with a specific focus on advertising the product, "The Home".

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