Friday, March 02, 2007

Professional Marketing, Superior Results!

Help-U-Sell is a FULL SERVICE real estate marketing company that provides the same services as traditional real estate brokerages, while utilizing a more comprehensive and effective marketing system. This allows us to help you sell your commercial, multi-family, office or raw land property, or even a business enterprise, faster, while at the same time, significantly lowering your transaction costs. At Help-U-Sell, we charge a low set fee, payable at closing.

The chart below illustrates the significant savings potential that we can deliver to our clients, compared to a traditional real estate practitioner charging an industry average six percent commission.

The bottom line: We can help you to keep more of your equity!

Considered to be the fastest growing set fee real estate company in America, with over 850 franchise offices across the US, we are members of: The Columbus Board of Realtors; the Ohio Association of Realtors; and the National Association of Realtors. We regularly use the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) as a component of our marketing system.

Additionally, we have “unbundled” our services so that clients have the opportunity to choose only the services they need, while not paying for services they may not want. In this way, they can save thousands, or tens of thousands, and better protect their equity position. Also, we are the only company in the area that Guarantees in writing to advertise our clients properties weekly during the entire term of the listing agreement, or until sold. The result, the potential for a faster sale at a much lower cost. A better way to sell real estate!

If you have any further questions regarding our services, or you’re ready to put our marketing program to work for you, simply give us a call at 614.447.3050. You can also visit our website for additional information.

We look forward to having the opportunity to work closely with you in the sale of your property.

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